Ok- I just deleted that stuffy bio I had up.

I really don't know if I'll connect with you but here goes.

I was born a Warchild(Jethro Tull) or a baby boomer in 54' aries 4/17.

I am also a Rainbow baby.

I heard crazy stories about my youth- very hyper. 

I loved baseball and pitched in little league untill I was beaned in the head. Spent the night in the hosptal after being knocked out.

Things changed that day. Now, baseball seemed so far away! I began to see things in a framed camera like veiw. I could turn my head and change the composition! 

I was born in Stroudsburg, Pa and we moved to Greenwood Lake, NY in 67' when I was 12, Wisconsin at 15. Stuart,Fla., at 19. Wisc. at 20, Hilton Head at 21, back to Fla then Pennsylvania at 20 something, Yonkers and Mamaroneck at 35 and 38. Brooklyn at 49 and back to Pennsylvania at 52. Been here for 15 years.

I have an incredible daughter who was 5 when I went to rehab(beer). I am so greatful for a chance to really live a cool life. 29 years later I am still trucking on. My daughter is an outdoor girl but she knows all the artist and paintings. She helped me all last summer in the studio and on the road.

After getting used to sobriety I moved to NY and got busy. First with high end house painting the faux finishes. My wife, an architect who nourished me with art history, museum and gallery trips and incredible lectures and crits at Pratt Brooklyn.

Shortly after I moved to Mamaroneck my Mom was killed in a car crash and everything changed again. I understand how important a life can be. Everything became clear and i moved from faux finishes back into fine art in the blink of an eye. It was like an ocean wave of energy and ideas that had built up in me for the last 20 years. 

I think the whimsical energy is a balance to my moms tragic death. 

PS: The reason I quit painting at 20 is because my mom said "you'll never make a living as an artist". I don't know 'exactly' why I started again but today "I'm making a livng as an artist". Maybe she never really meant for me to stop. Thanks Mom, I would not have had the raw life experiences that drive my present day art life. If I continued into the academic art studios I don't think my work would be anything like what I produce now. 
 The older I get, I totally understand that things happen for a weird reasons, so I watch and enjoy life these days.
I started painting at 13 in 1967. For the next 7 years I was a little Leonardo. Painting and music and ski racing. 
From 20 to 35 I was going to study Turfgrass Management. Built 2 golf courses in Fla. also Wisconsin and Hilton Head. I started a House Painting Biz at 30.
Let's go to Mamroneck,NY in 1996. Now I was the best faux Finisher in Westchester County, NY. About a 2 months after my moms passing I was in a clients house in Larchmont when I went into a trance a woke up with a BIG beautiful still life on the wall!!! It was back! After wiping off the wall with paint thinner I put everything away, jumped in the van and headed for AI FREIDMAN in Port Chester. I grabbed a cart and started filling it with paint and canvas and ... Got home and started painting. Over the next year the situation was exploding.I was still painting houses so I had a lot of unused paint. To Be Continued