Learn my technique in 2 days and take home a 20"x60" as your first pop art painting.

The paint and canvas is included.

2x Lunch, wine and dinner is included.

Popcorn for the art movie(my choice) is included. Huge 10' screen and surround sound.

1st day-cut and streacth the canvas, prime and top coat.

Using pre-primed ready canvas you will learn my secret composition tricks.

Next you will block in the composition and learn what important step happens next.

Next we will walk away into the forest surrounding the studio and wait.

Next we will prepare for the evening session -after dinner till midnight plus one.

Coffee and a special session awaits the both of you. 

Next you wait till you are both ready and then you begin.

$1234 per person.

917.940.0050 for reservations via the Square Credit Card or Paypal.

Your painting will be worth hanging and will absolutly change your life.

The painting is packed here and ships back home for a minimal fee.